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Sheepskin Care: Machine Washable Sheepskin & ShearlingUpdated 9 months ago

We have a range of sheepskins and shearlings that are machine washable. These sheepskins are chromium tanned sheepskins that can withstand washing, but we recommend only washing these sheepskins with Woolskin wool wash. 

Woolskin Sheepskin  & Wool wash is a concentrate for washing wool, natural fibres including alpaca, mohair, wool, silk, cashmere and sheepskin. It may also used as a low allergenic detergent for allergy sufferers.

Woolskin wash is totally natural and with the addition of tea tree oil, which is proven to be effective against dust mites, is the superior product for washing wool and machine washable sheepskin.

How to Measure

  1. Remove cap from measure chamber only.

  2. Gently squeeze bottle until contents reach desired level.

  3. Pour into wash and recap measure chamber.


Machine washable sheepskin, wool & natural fibres; Use cold or warm water
NEVER USE HOT WATER! Always use wool cycle.

Machine Wash:

Top Load: Measure 20mls for small load and 40mls for large load into the washing machine.

Front Load: use half the quantity. Select wool or gentle cycle and load size.

Double rinse

Hand Wash: Measure 20 ml for each 10lt water into single wash tub. For larger items, best results will be achieved using a wash trough or bathtub. Place garment or sheepskin into the solution and work it through the article for approximately 5 minutes.

DO NOT STRETCH. Squeeze by hand until clean. Rinse thoroughly with COLD
or WARM water until water is clear.

DRYING: Wool & Natural Fibres: Machine Wash; gentle spin ensuring the load is balanced. Allow to dry away from direct heat or sunlight
Hand Wash; squeeze excess water – DO NOT WRING DRY, allow to dry away from direct heat or sunlight.

Sheepskin; best results are achieved by tumbling dry in VERY LOW HEAT – NOT HOT dryer.

Brush with a slicker brush to restore pile.

To restore lustre, apply a small amount of natural lanolin or organic coconut oil warmed in the palm of your hand to the fur.

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